I get it. You want me to buy your stuff.

I know I could just unsubscribe, but I’m just trying to make the world a better place, you know?
“Biggest.” “Exclusive.” “Best.” “Can’t-Miss Sale of the Year.”

Treat me like a human, not a wallet

  • Surface a story of someone using your product in a unique way you didn’t intend, or for a cool purpose you didn’t think of when you created said product.
  • Disrupt the way you talk about your warranty by going uber-transparent; share your warranty claim data — like what percentage of products get returned for issues vs. how many you sell — and then brag about which products rarely get returned.
  • Tell me about other brands you like and respect without there being a requisite paid partnership. Heck, at least just start with acknowledging that your brand and your products don’t live in a fantasy world wherein I can only enjoy my upcoming trip to California if I buy my whole outfit from you and you only.
  • Instead of just giving me product specs and fluffy marketing language around product launches, talk to me about actual pieces of critical feedback you received from your customers, and share how you specifically incorporated that feedback in the final product.
  • Show me that your company is a valuable source of expertise and information in your industry and community (not just an expert at offering discounts) by promoting helpful tips, tricks, blog posts and video tutorials over gimmicky promotions.

I’m probably going to buy your stuff based on how I perceive the value of your brand in my life, not how many emails you send me — so maybe make sure your brand isn’t obnoxious?



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